Reach your true potential with Sales Oxygen

Choose the right partners and manage the collaborative relationships the right way
Interim Sales
Fill a CSO leadership void with comprehensive and value-added services
Sales Force
Improve performance and productivity while determining gaps on your sales force
Evaluate and implement an effective strategy for current and future candidates

Channel Development

Establishing successful partnerships and alliances is often an under-utilized strategy. When done right, they will help your company sell more, deliver better and improve margins.

Sales Oxygen helps companies choose the right partners and manage the collaborative relationship successfully. To that end, we have formed close relationships with some of the most important technology, manufacturing and services organizations. Our ability to maximize revenue from our clients’ partnerships is possible by decades of experience in partner management.


Interim Sales Leadership 

Retaining quality Sales Leadership (CSO) is increasingly difficult. As of Last year, the average tenure of a CSO was just 19 months. Vacancies create a ripple effect on an entire company often resulting in loss of revenue, loss of key sales personnel, and jeopardizing key customers.

Sales Oxygen provides a solution that fills a CSO leadership void with a comprehensive set of value-added services.

What you can expect from Sales Oxygen are executives that integrate rapidly and seamlessly into your operations. They make an immediate impact, handling sales personnel decisions, quarterly planning, annual sales planning, sales team management, forecasting, key customer management and much more.

Our interim sales personnel work on 6- or 12-month contracts.


Sales Force Assessment 

Your sales force is the lifeblood of your organization. When they achieve revenue forecasted, life is good. Market share increases, profit levels soar, shareholder value increases, employee bonuses are paid…you get the picture.

Sales force assessments are a must for your company to understand the actual productivity and effectiveness levels of your sales team’s performance. Specific objectives include:

  • Quantify the actual profit contributions made to the company by sales rep
  • Identify critical skill areas that need training and coaching
  • Know what performance metrics and benchmarks that need to be measured
  • Grasp what the real forecast accuracy is
  • Determine gaps in your use of best practices against world-class sale organizations

Companies that utilize Sales Oxygen’s Sales Force Assessment have experience significant, tangible, and measurable results in performance and productivity. For instance, a professional services firm’s sales force increased production by 223%, yielding increased sales of $3.25 million per sales rep.


Talent Acquisition 

Sales Oxygen has successfully built world-class sales teams for moderate to high growth companies, from venture-backed start-ups to firms as old as 80-plus years.

Our clients require an innovative and cost-effective approach to find and retain high performing sales talent. Sales Oxygen helps our clients develop and implement a sourcing strategy that generates sales talent that are passive or semi passive.

Sales Oxygen takes it a step further. We also spearhead a rigorous evaluation of qualified candidates. Our approach is proprietary and stands alone in terms of uniqueness. Our results are among the strongest in the country. Our hiring success rate is nearly 3-times the industry average! This equates to millions of dollars in additional revenue each year for our clients.