“SalesOxygen quickly assimilated into our culture, gained credibility and become part of our team delivering positive results on a consistent basis.”

Kay Anderson, President
The Evanston Group, Inc.

The Situation

Since its inception, The Evanston Group’s revenue was generated by a team of independent sales professionals. Although this team performed relatively well, the revenue volume and profit margins were less than ideal for generating desired growth. Aggressive growth was critical for the Principals at Evanston Group because they wanted to deliver on their exit strategy within 5 years.


The Solution

The Evanston Group retained Sales Oxygen to build their first direct sales organization. The objective was to hire “A” caliber sales personnel and get their performance levels ramped up quickly. Sales Oxygen developed the tools and framework for the entire lifecycle including position profile, compensation, sourcing channels, candidate assessment, hiring, ramp-up planning, performance metrics, and performance appraisals. Sales Oxygen was heavily engaged in leading The Evanston Group through all stages. Much of our work was focused on modeling and mentoring our client through the entire process.


The Result

We built the sales team 35% faster and with a success rate more than 3 times the industry norm. The sales team is producing profit on revenue sold by almost 300% compared to the previous independent sales team. Fast-forward 1.5 years and The Evanston Group continues to successfully broaden its market share and generate greater profit.

Together, Sales Oxygen and The Evanston Group achieved its mission to build a world-class sales organization.