Over 20 Years of Sales Leadership

Get To Know Joe Donna

President, Sales Oxygen, Inc.

Joe’s experience includes more than 18 years of corporate sales, sales management, channel development and consulting experience with MCI Communications and GE Capital. Joe specializes in sales effectiveness improvements including organization assessment, performance management, sales leadership and partnership development.

Joe earned his BA degree in Pre-Law from the University of Iowa. He lives in Wheaton, IL and when he’s not serving clients, he is spending time with his two sons coaching tee-ball or cheering them on at soccer games.


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Mobile: 630.772.1354
Email: jdonna@salesoxygen.biz

Q & A


Why did you get into consulting?

While at GE Capital I worked with companies to help them grow revenue. I learned two things from that experience: First, the concern that keeps executives up at night is, “how can we consistently create predictable and profitable revenue every quarter?” The second concern was the absence of quality, battle proven sales leadership to accomplish #1. This absence lured me into consulting.

What makes you unique?

Our model and solutions are focused on results, not binders filled with deliverables documents. We’ve spoken with many companies and what I learned was rather startling. The overall attitude towards consultants was apathetic. Their typical experience with consultants was rather underwhelming. That’s why we are focused on real results, not the quality of our written recommendations.

Who are your clients?What are the results?

I have had the privilege of working with dozens of clients since our founding in 2001. Our clients generally have revenues of five-million to fifty million in the Technology & Software, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Manufacturing industries. Client successes have included revenue growth of 30%-70% and profit improvements of 20%-40%.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction?

I enjoy growing my client’s companies, knowing I had a direct hand in it, and developing great relationships along the way. Nobody wants to feel insignificant in their profession. Work is an expression of who we are. I cannot imagine having a greater sense of fulfillment than I do when helping companies grow.

Where will Sales Oxygen be in 5 years?

We will continue to be recognized as the go-to consulting firm for companies that want to grow revenue predictably and profitably. We will continue to add world-class consultants to our team with a greater representation of industries that we claim expertise in.

What are your personal words to live by?

Intelligence, competency, and methodology are undoubtedly important. However, developing relationships on trust in your ability improve the client’s situation is paramount. Finding deals and running sales cycles will get you a seat at the table, but great chemistry results in client loyalty.